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Balinese Massage: A Separate Wellness Ritual

Balinese massage has its "home" as its name implies, exotic Bali.

It is a 'product' of a society that has always been the land of immigrants, the crossroads of cultures and trade.

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The influences of traditional Balinese massage techniques from various other massage methods - such as Indian, Chinese and Oriental - have created a distinctive method that incorporates many elements.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it combines relaxing movements with the most dynamic, so as to achieve calm and stimulation at the same time.

The therapist uses a wide range of techniques such as massaging, finger and forefinger pressing, strokes and stretching.

Oils and special stones are also used to help the muscles relax faster.

This massage has a direct effect on the body as it relaxes and restores its lost balance.

Also, through the techniques used by the therapist, the energy channels are opened, resulting in the patient feeling that he is regaining his lost energy and well-being.

It also stimulates blood circulation throughout the body.

Balinese massage is ideal for those who suffer from sports injuries as it emphasizes the rehabilitation and healing of tight muscles.

Its benefits are not limited to the physical level but also to the psychological as the Balinese massage reduces stress and anxiety, repels negative thoughts and calms the mind.

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